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Real Optical Illusion Photographs

There is no way any of you can look at these Photos for 1 second and not look back. Try it! These are all genuine pictures that act like an optical illusion on our minds. Some of these just couldn’t be thought up by even the best photoshoppers out there!

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Vine videos picture - dog playing the guitar - Cool Stuff Galaxy

Best Vine Videos January – August 2013

So if you haven’t discovered Vine yet you are in for a treat. It’s the newest social media craze taking all the video sites by storm. Vine basically started as an iPhone app designed by Twitter to let users film and edit a 6 second clip that can be easily shared by social media. It’s […]

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Talking Animals – Pets Add Life Outtakes!

This is the latest video from the Talking Animals guy on youtube – username  klaatu42. He’s really good at coming up with some great ideas for other peoples animal videos. This one may be the best so far -I just love the Cockatoo and the Guinea Pig – so good! x

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