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Ultra Light Autogyro Vs a Motorbike

Why don’t we all have Autogyros, they can’t be that expensive! This looks like a blast, I love motorcycles but this would be awesome compared to that. Interesting that the biker of course has his protective leather suit and armour and the Giro pilot has jeans on! Guess if you wipe out in one of those your pretty much […]

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A Hyundai Elantra Became Self Aware for 90 Minutes!

So apparently this kids car accelerated to nearly 120 mph all on its own! On top of that the Handbrake, Brakes, Gear Stick and Ignition all failed to stop the car. This led to a 120 mile police chase with the teen on the phone to police the whole time telling them the situation! Hmm I think not! […]

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