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One of the Best “People are Awesome” Videos!

There’s a whole bunch of ‘People are Awesome’ videos on Youtube now since the original ones a few years back became some of the top viral video’s ever! All the copycats are generally quite good too – you can rate them easily by how many million views they have. The one below is really good and new […]

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Jeb Corliss wingsuit crash

Jeb Corliss Survives a Wingsuit Crash!

Jeb Corliss is a pro Skydiver and Base Jumper who you may know as he used to present Street Junkies. Whilst doing a Wingsuit jump off Table mountain he actually clipped a rock but amazing managed to recover just enough to land it! Jeb broke both ankles, three toes, tore his left fibula, and gashed his leg so […]

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Ultra Light Autogyro Vs a Motorbike

Why don’t we all have Autogyros, they can’t be that expensive! This looks like a blast, I love motorcycles but this would be awesome compared to that. Interesting that the biker of course has his protective leather suit and armour and the Giro pilot has jeans on! Guess if you wipe out in one of those your pretty much […]

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