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Crazy Sushi Chef cutting an Apple - CoolStuffGalaxy

Crazy Sushi Chef Knife Video

I never think much of people praising a professional in any career when they do something that everyone could do with a little practice! This Sushi Chef though really has some skills, plus he still has all his fingers attached in the right places. Sure we could all do this after a lot of practice – […]

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Vine videos picture - dog playing the guitar - Cool Stuff Galaxy

Best Vine Videos January – August 2013

So if you haven’t discovered Vine yet you are in for a treat. It’s the newest social media craze taking all the video sites by storm. Vine basically started as an iPhone app designed by Twitter to let users film and edit a 6 second clip that can be easily shared by social media. It’s […]

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Take your X-Box to the Next Level – Microsoft IllumiRoom

This is an amazing idea and as most of the technology is already available it will not be long until it is released! By adding a Microsoft IllumiRoom projector to your X-Box with Kinect it will allow you to effectively blur the lines between on-screen content and the environment around your TV. You basically end up […]

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Talking Animals – Pets Add Life Outtakes!

This is the latest video from the Talking Animals guy on youtube – username  klaatu42. He’s really good at coming up with some great ideas for other peoples animal videos. This one may be the best so far -I just love the Cockatoo and the Guinea Pig – so good! x

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